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Besides having a physical therapist as the head coach/programmer we pride ourselves on being the best workout in Leander, TX (the perfect combo of strength and cardio). We use unique tempo work, Hiit style training and constantly varied the workouts so you’ll get better, faster, and stronger! We also have two different group class offerings which both include resistance and strength training. 

We offer top-notch personal training that is flexible to your schedule and unique needs. 

We also focus on creating a tight knit, accepting community, having a clean welcoming space that is safe for kids  and including recovery and wellness treatments so we can be your one-stop fitness and wellness stop.

Yes, no matter what your current skill level our highly qualified coaches will make sure you get an amazing workout in. We can make a modification that will work for you and still deliver the same stimulus intended for the workout- all while keeping you safe and comfortable!  

Many people choose to start with personal training or do a combination of personal training & classes. 

Also our head coach and owner is a physical therapist that can help you with any injuries you may be currently dealing with or are recovering from. As part of your membership you receive a free movement assessment to determine what areas of opportunity you have and what you already do great! Contact us today for any questions regarding physical therapy treatment.

When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our certified coaches. They will chat with you about your goals.  We will then do a quick  one-on-one (15-30 min) movement baseline to make sure you are moving safely in movements and then create the perfect game plan for you to reach your goals!   We look forward to seeing you soon!

We have a safe enclosed space specifically designed for kids that is separated from the gym floor. The space features toys,  swings, seating, activities and fun for children of all ages. 

We like to keep the vibes safe, family-friendly, and non-intimidating for all members. We prefer that torsos stay covered and shirts stay on. We have air-conditioning to keep you guys safe so avoid the Texas weather extremes.