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A training experience like no other! Elevate your life!
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Conveniently located in Leander, TX!

Become Your Fittest

Full body, functional fitness workouts designed to improve strength, conditioning and body composition.  Feel confident, feel good and reach goals 

Engaged Coaching

 With our personal training and small class sizes, our coaches tailor the workout to each individual while focusing on proper form above all else. 


Quick. Effective. Fun. With classes and open gym stations we having something for everybody. We Move Well. Get Strong. Elevate Yourself


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Why ELevate Fitness

About us

Owned and operated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy! Passionate coaches focused on guiding you towards your goals. We are dedicated to improving ourselves and those in our community. We make sure move well, stay safe with hands on coaching and have fun but we hold you accountable to the goals you make. Whether it is being able to play with your grandchildren, lose weight, have better blood markers, or be more confident in your own skin… we are in your corner! Fun Fact: Husband and wife team who met in the gym! 

Come in for a free consultation

We know starting something new and meeting new people can be intimidating, but we will greet you with a smile in a no pressure conversation. During this free consultation will sit down one-on-one with you, talk about your goals and how we can help you get there and then create an actionable game plan for you!  

See what members are saying

Ydeycha Melendez Reyes
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My husband and I love this place. We have been 3 months and the change we have seen in our physical condition is incredible. We are a community, we help and support each other. Cody and Carolyn, our coaches, are truly AMAZING. I love knowing that I am in a place where they teach me to do each of the exercises with the correct posture, avoiding future injuries. They challenge me to give my best. My husband used to suffer from back pain. Since we started at Elevate, Cody has helped him get stronger, modified his exercises and not only does he no longer experience back pain, he can also go on long family walks and hikes. I love this place and I am very happy to be part of this great team.
Jackie Moses
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If you haven't been to Elevate Fitness Club, you are surely missing out! Its a GEM of a GYM & growing everyday! I needed to be a part of a community gym that had functional workouts, uplifting, positive vibes & caring atmosphere. Coach Cody (Dr of Physical Therapy) & Coach Carolyn not only teach classes, but educate on nutrition & give members the extra push that most often is needed. Coach Carolyn is AWESOME with nutrition & I have made so much progress since joining in December. Having to deal with previous injuries, I love the fact that Dr Coach Cody gives his knowledge on corrective exercies & prevention so that we all can be our best self. They are a great team & I'm thankful to have found this great gym!
Julissy Gomez
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I can’t rate them highly enough. I was bummed for a while after leaving OTF. I had loved the group aspect of those types of workouts, though I had never made friendships or a community there. Fast forward a few months ago to when I found elevate, and I have everything I didn’t know I needed or wanted from a gym. Kai and Cody are the best coaches! They make sure that you’re maintaining proper form to make sure you get the best out of your workout injury-free. They’re also the best people though; they’ve created a wonderful community of people. We’re all here to grow in and out of the gym, and we’re constantly cheering each other on. Anyway, if you want do a killer workout alongside awesome people, this is the place for you.
Deepa Sivaraj
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Positive lifestyle change and result oriented fitness. Carolyn and Cody are friendly and supportive coach very professional in terms of fitness and nutrition which will help anyone to achieve their fitness goal.Highly recommend to check them out,you won’t regret the investment in your health, fitness and future… When I started the gym I was about 159lbs,with their workout and clean eating I was able to reduced from 159lbs to 143lbs within 2 and 1/2 months.
Gabriela Williams
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Coach Cody and Kai are so intentional with each person that comes to workout. We all have our different goals and they really guide us in the workout to feel powerful! For example today was my first day back from vacation and I felt so blah- but after todays workout I feel so motivated in what I accomplished in my class!
Derek Luke
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My experience at Elevate Fitness Leander was incredible. The coaches really care about you and your progress. I found it to be a very supportive community, especially as a beginner. Coaches Mighty, Cody, Ryan and Kai are all amazing. Extremely grateful for Elevate Fitness Leander. I had more results to my health journey in one month than any other gym or program I’ve ever tried. You gotta check them out
Sandy Craven
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Family oriented. All ages, fitness levels, all are welcome at Elevate fitness. Their coaches are top notch! Encouraging, supportive, down to earth, and very knowledgeable. They are truly committed to helping meet our goals. The members are like family: positive and friendly. And I can’t say enough good things about the owners. They Are passionate about helping everyone on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I’m so glad I found Elevate Fitness.
Natalia Shiroma
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I can genuinely say that Elevate Fitness has changed my life. I always thought I hated exercising and going to the gym seemed very intimidating to me. However, after having kids, I realized I had to take care of my self. I was at my worst shape, physically and emotionally. One day, I saw an ad about Elevate and, after reading their reviews, I decided to give them a try. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! At the beginning, I just wanted to loose weight, but after a few workouts, I found my self really enjoying exercising my body. For the first time, I wasn’t working out only because of my fitness goals, I was genuinely appreciating the journey. The gym is super welcoming, there is a kids area, the coaches are caring and are always there to help you and cheer you no matter your fitness level, the workouts are fun and challenging, what else I could ask for? It is not only a gym, it’s a community where we empower each other to become the best version of ourselves. I cannot recommend Elevate Fitness enough!