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I love fitness whether it is running, lifting, or playing sports, I have done it all. I have been training in all different types of fitness facilities for over 20 years, it is what I am most passionate about. I have tried all different types of training styles from bodybuilding, to Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting, strongman movements, training for half marathon, training for triathlon (which I will participate in a real event one day), crossfit/HIIT style training as well as playing all different sports including baseball and softball.

Through the years I have learned a lot and have been injured a lot, which is where my passion for helping rehab others started. I want to pass the knowledge I have learned both as a physical therapist and coach onto others so they do not have to go through all the injuries I had to go through. Through my journey from fitness enthusiast to coach I met an amazing woman (in the gym of course) who shared my passion not only for fitness but for helping change the lives of others, and we knew that we needed to open a facility to make that happen.

I truly enjoy helping all levels of athletes ages 12 to 99 years old do something they never thought was possible. Whether you are just looking to make sure you can stand up out of a chair, sit on the ground to play with your grandchildren or are looking to be an athletic dynamo we want to help you improve your quality of movement, stay safe, stay healthy and reach all your goals.

Coach Cody

Owner, Head Coach, Physical Therapist

As somebody who didn’t win the genetic lottery… I understand how daunting and how hard a new lifestyle can be. I am here to help you with the transition to a healthy lifestyle with empathy and compassion! My fitness journey started abruptly in my senior year in college when I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and was told I was pre-diabetic and that I may never be able to have kids in the future. This is when I decided I needed to make a change.

I was given two options: either go on medication that had a slew of side effects or I could manage this chronic ailment with a MAJOR lifestyle change. So I hit the ground running (no pun intended). Through a lot of trial and error, I learned to eat nutrient-dense foods to nourish my body and I tried ALL the types of working out. I also learned that there is no such thing as shortcuts.. just consistency!

Along my fitness journey, I met Cody, my husband in a gym who then introduced me to Hiit/CrossFit style workouts (which for the record I was one of those people who said “I’ll NEVER CrossFit because people get injured!). I am so passionate about the changes I saw in myself, physically, and mentally after I found this style of training that I want to help others change their lives for the better. I am also happy to say that I effectively managed my PCOS and am a mother to two beautiful boys. I am thrilled you found us and I can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your fitness journey!

Coach Carolyn

Our Community

One of our core values here at Elevate Fitness is to ELEVATE those around us! We make sure that our community stays positive, supportive, and keeps you accountable to your goals. When you come to your first class, you will be greeted with smiling, non-judgemental faces! Come meet us. You belong here.